Founded in 2021 by Hamilton Carrio, Building, Land, & Agriculture Management is a Design-Build firm based in Helena, AL With over 10 years in the design, construction, and maintenance industry, this firm was developed with one fundamental principle in mind: The idea that each plot of land has its own opportunities and constraints and our focus should be to use the tools provided by the existing terrain and macroclimate to sync design, construction, and maintenance methods with each of our associate’s mental acumen and management skillset so they work in harmony with each other. Thus, the company name: Building, Land, and Agriculture Management.

In 2008 Hamilton enrolled at Mississippi State University with an intent to pursue a career in golf course design. When the housing bubble hit later that year and the economy receded, he still pushed forward towards his goal of becoming a golf course architect. Upon graduation in 2011, he moved to Augusta, GA where he completed an internship at Augusta National Golf Club as the CAD Design Intern. The construction industry was very turbulent at this time though so he decided to pursue other career paths.

In 2012, Hamilton moved back to his hometown of Mobile, AL to work for Spring Hill College as the Campus Planner/Special Projects Manager. For the college, Hamilton ran several projects with wide-ranging scope-of-works including golf course renovations, campus dorm building renovations, campus master plans and mapping, NCAA athletic field management including a new sand volleyball court complex, and a disc golf course design and implementation.



While working for the college, Hamilton enrolled in the college’s MBA program. Upon graduation in 2015, he moved to Hanover, Minnesota and worked for a landscape construction firm where he became skilled in hardscapes and snow removal techniques. In 2018 he decided to move closer to home in Birmingham, AL, working for a general contractor as a construction superintendent. In this role, he managed many residential and commercial construction projects including some commercial buildings and landscapes, swimming pools, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, traditional landscaping and irrigation projects, and masonry retaining walls and patios.

In 2021, Hamilton set forth a new life path that focused less on managing projects and more on managing people. His desire to teach the skills and experiences he has obtained over the last 13 years to the associates of BLAM, as well as provide incredible experiences for the firm’s clients, is the main reason he started this company.